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          Contact us
          地址: 中國遼寧省丹東東港市經濟技術開發區濱海西區疏港路一號
          No.1 Shugang Road,Westbinhai District,Donggang Economic Development Zone,Dandong,Liaoning
          電話: 0415-7812991
          銷售電話: 0415-7812989
          郵箱: ddldsp@163.com
          Quality Assurance
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            Ecological industry chain, feel at ease, visible The company adopts the "company + base + farmers" mode of operation, and all feed mills, ancestral parents generation kinds of farms, hatcheries, commercial broiler farms, slaughter factory has established a food safety traceability system, traceability of each and every batch of chickens from egg to hatch, from feed to aquaculture, to the whole production process of processing from the slaughter, so as to ensure the safety of chicken. Zero food relying on the advantages of the ecological industry chain, the chicken transformation ingredients cut chicken, fried, conditioning and other cooked food products. At the same time zero food will also introduce other meat products in addition to chicken outside, and gradually enrich the zero line zero makes the brand to establish brand image and glory known to every family, famous, famous enterprises, as a central kitchen, family kitchen catering enterprises delicious food experts, let zero to become the world's leading food processing enterprises.