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          Contact us
          地址: 中國遼寧省丹東東港市經濟技術開發區濱海西區疏港路一號
          No.1 Shugang Road,Westbinhai District,Donggang Economic Development Zone,Dandong,Liaoning
          電話: 0415-7812991
          銷售電話: 0415-7812989
          郵箱: ddldsp@163.com
          Brief introduction
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            Dandong Origin Food Co., Ltd. was built in 2007, is located in Donggang Economic Development Zone of Liaoning Province, covers an area of 270 acres, building area of 62000 square meters, with a total investment of 480 million yuan. The company is one of the largest meat chicken processing enterprises in Northeast China, with operating income of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan in 2016. The company has two modern production lines, employs more than 1100 people, processing more than 150 thousand chicken meat daily. Dandong Zero Food Co., Ltd. has passed the food safety management system certification and obtained the export food production enterprises for the record.



             In order to ensure the production of high-quality products, bigger and stronger green industry, and constantly create a better economic and social benefits, the company through the upstream farmers to "company + farmer" organization management mode, unified management, unified brood, unified prevention, unified supply of feed, unified processing and sales, bring one billion yuan income for local breeding every year. The company is facing more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide traditional wholesale and retail market, the independent research and development and deep processing of food has successfully entered a second tier city in the high-end market, but also with a number of well-known domestic enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation in food production, research and development. It is with high quality, green products and good service reputation, Dandong Zero Food Co. Ltd. be held in Dalian 2017 summer in Davos will be the "designated supplier of chicken products. Companies adhering to the "from scratch, do not forget the early heart" purpose, always adhere to the "rest assured products, high-quality brand, first-class image of the tree cast" concept, the pursuit of excellence and innovative business development, continue to provide social security, a variety of series of edible products, meet customer demand actively, strive to achieve the maximum comprehensive the benefit of enterprises and society. The company will continue to promote local business incubators, breeding, feed processing industry, actively promote the development of cold storage, logistics, packaging and related services, improve the local employment and tax revenue, for the social and economic development and promote the industrialization of agriculture increasing power source.